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  • sand loop flat
  • sand loop flat
  • sand loop flat
  • sand loop flat

Gun Primer

Sand-Loop Flat

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Ultra-Precision Sanding Sheet

SKU: SL-M220-H

SKU: SL-M320-H

SKU: SL-M400-H

SKU: SL-M600-H

Size: 61*210mm

Material: Silicon Carbide (made in Germany)

Grits: #220/ #320/ #400/ #600/


2 sheets per grit

Each sheet is made in a standard size that can be used with any GUNPRIMER's dedicated handles or stand-alone use.

*For RASER THE BLACK: Capacity of up to 26 times replacement

*For MINI HANDLE: Capacity of up to 20 times replacement

  • SAND-LOOP is an ultra-precision sandpaper, compatible with RASER THE BLACK and MINI HANDLE. Adhesive on the back makes it  easy to attach and detach to the dedicated handle. 

  • Alternatively, it can be cut into any desired size for stand-alone use without using a dedicated handle.

  • It's superior durability provides high quality and long lasting sanding experiences and it can be used for both dry and wet sanding.

  • Strong and sharp SAND-LOOP enables faster and more precise sanding.