Bolts Program

[Update] We have moved/upgraded our loyalty program to be more fun and exciting for everyone. You should be able to create / login with the same email you originally registered with. Of course keeping your points. If there are any issues, please let us know. 

For every purchase (before tax and shipping) +2 Bolts for every $1 CAD

400 Bolts = $5 CAD Off Your Order
800 Bolts = $10 CAD Off Your Order
2000 Bolts = 10% Off Your Order
3000 Bolts = Free Shipping OR 15% Off Your Order

Now there is a faster and simpler way to earn points faster!

Sign Up now and start off with 50 Bolts. 


Membership Ranking(s):

[Bronze] - Purchase bolts multiplier 1.1x 
Bolts accumulated: 2000

[Silver] - Purchase bolts multiplier 1.2x 
Bolts accumulated: 4000

[Gold] - Purchase bolts multiplier 1.5x 
Bolts accumulated: 7500

[Black] - Purchase bolts multiplier 2x 
Bolts accumulated: 10000