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Gun Primer

Glazer (Finishing Solution)

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GLAZER is developed to focus improving surface quality.  

GLAZER is a compound of silicon nanoparticles and organic polymer smaller than water molecules. It has the unique characteristic of creating a micro-film layer on matte or glossy surfaces to maintain the original texture and improve the surface's feel and overall visual perfection.

The chemical composition of silicon in GLAZER has a high chemical resistance, and it provides excellent protection from contaminating substances.


Q. When should I use GLAZER?

A. GLAZER is used to improve the surface of your finished models. Basically, it's the last step of your project. It's for users who seek perfect finish and maintenance of models and figures.

Q. How many models can be used in a 60ml bottle?

A. Depending on the model's size, GLAZER can be used for about 20 to 100 models. 60ml bottle can be sprayed approximately 500 times. It is recommended to apply lightly and cover the surface evenly. 

Q. When should I replace supplied components of this product?

A. Dust brush and microfiber towel degrade their absorption level after long-term use. Therefore, when you run out of a 60ml bottle of GLAZER, it's about time you replace the supplied components as well. Dust brush and microfiber towel can be washed and cleaned with neutral detergents. Each supplied product can be purchased separately.

Q. Can discolored models be restored with GLAZER?

A. GLAZER minimizes diffuse reflection thus, it increases contrast and creates a more defined look. However, discoloration from UV rays can't be restored 100%. Applying GLAZER early enough provides better protection against yellowing, whitening, dust settling, etc.

Q. How long does it last after applying GLAZER?

A. GLAZER's excellent chemical resistance is semi-permanent for models kept inside display cases. If you touch the models with bare hands frequently and keep them in an open environment, it's recommended to clean and apply GLAZER once in a while for maintenance.

Q. Does it become more shiny when applied multiple times?

A. No. Unlike topcoats, multiple applications GLAZER don't make the surface shine more. GLAZER is a product that decreases diffuse reflection and creates a more defined look.